Common Problems to Avoid with Your Next Website Build

Before you engage an agency that is an expert in SEO for small business owners for digital marketing & web design, who can help you to achieve your business goal, be clear on what you want from your new business website. Responsive & eye-catching website attracts more customers & SEO expert team performs search engine work to provide better ROI(return of investment) & sales/leads.

Don’t go overboard with design features

Forget dancing animations and color palettes that absorb every color of the rainbow, make sure your website is clean, clear, and stylish – and that the colors it uses are in line with your corporate or campaign branding. Use images carefully and judiciously and avoid excess visual assets that clutter the page and detract from its core purpose.

Make it responsive

Today’s customers will invariably access your digital assets using a variety of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops with differently designed screens. Make sure your website is designed to be responsive so that it resizes to the reader’s available screen size.

Have an objective in mind

Know what the purpose of your website is and make sure you design for it. Is your website is created to share information for example, or to sell? Knowing this will help you to create the right architecture and customer journeys for your website, using appropriate navigation.

Make navigation simple

Good navigation and site architecture are essential for an effective website. Make it simple and user-friendly to ensure customers engage with the site.

Offer real value

When a developer is working on your site from Ambercouch Cardiff web designers, he or she will be seeking to add value for the user at each stage. Be clear on what the value-add is for your customer. Is it the ability to purchase a product or service online, or to register for an event for example? Build the site’s navigation around its core purpose.

Make it readable

Good digital content is scannable, brief, and uses appropriate keywords. Employ a digital copywriter to get your message right.

Take care of small details

Remember to give your images alt tags and include meta descriptions for your page content. Ensure your copy also includes useful keywords that your customers would use when searching for your product, without resorting to word stuffing. This will help search engines to correctly index your site.

What other tips would you give to a business creating a new website?